MOVE at Mason, directed by Professor Jack A. Goldstone, conducts research on a wide range of global issues of social change.  Center faculty study the effects of migration and ethnic and population change on political stability and conflict; seek to explain patterns in the diffusion and decline of democracy; examine the impact of network structure on national politics and international relations; explore how long-term and radical changes in technology affect social welfare; and make clear the causes and consequences of changing national and global inequality.   In short, we study some of the most important changes that are shaping the modern world.

The Center conducts research using a wide array of methods, including historical case studies, ethnographic research, analysis of global data sets, network theory and analysis, and agent-based modeling.

The Center also develops and serves as the home to several major cross-national data projects and resources for tracking global trends.   This includes the data and analysis of the Political Instability Task Force (up to 2012), and other data sets shown on the Research Projects page.