The Center for Global Policy at George Mason University, directed by Professor Jack A. Goldstone, conducts research on a wide range of global policy issues. Center faculty undertake basic academic research on such topics as foreign trade, democratization and state-building, and transnational networks, and analyze specific policy issues for a variety of government agencies. The Center’s faculty work in four main clusters:

  • Conflict, Terrorism, Democratization, and State-Building
  • International Trade, Finance, and International Organizations
  • Culture, Opinion, and Global Policy
  • Information Technology, Learning, and Development

The Center also develops and serves as the home to several major cross-national data projects and resources for global policy. The results of our latest global forecasting model were presented in the American Journal of Political Science January 2010 issue. To obtain the article and supporting data, follow the links below:

(AJPS, 2010)

A Global Model for Forecasting Political Instability
Jack A. Goldstone, Robert H. Bates, David L. Epstein, Ted Robert Gurr, Michael B. Lustik, Monty G. Marshall, Jay Ulfelder, and Mark Woodward  Black and white, 19 pages, 3 figures, 3 tables, 2 appendices
Publisher: American Journal of Political Science, January 2010
Click the Title on the left to access the article; Click HERE for supporting documentation

The Center offers graduate students the opportunity for training and research in comparative and international studies, and organizes seminars and conferences on a variety of topics in international policy.

If you would like to contact the Center regarding its research or use of its data bases, please contact Jack Goldstone at jgoldsto@gmu.edu.